My main focus (... so far!)


Digitization, restructuring, flexibilization, strategic realignment or the introduction of a new corporate culture - the challenges of corporate change are complex and generate unrest and uncertainty. Those who impose change from above will soon reach their limits, because successful change communication is dialog instead of monologue.


Whether it's a government agency or an NGO, a large corporation or a start-up - crises can affect anyone. And once it is there, pressure and time constraints prevail. With a lack of information, decisions have to be made, and quickly. Rumors arise, mistrust grows. Internally as well as externally. And now the good news: You can prepare yourself.


Political decisions and social discussions have a direct impact on the development of companies and organizations. The ability to actively engage with the interests and claims of third parties is crucial for successful political communication. Those who rely solely on good relationships quickly end up in a dead end.


Communicating for legitimacy. The current controversies surrounding major construction projects make it clear: Citizens, local politicians and multipliers want to be involved in relevant decisions - early, comprehensively and transparently. Those who permanently ignore the interests of their local stakeholders will hardly be successful in the long term.